Monday, 23 October 2017

Year 5/6 Rugby Girls at AMI Stadium

The Kaiapoi North School Year 5/6 Girls Rugby Team had an awesome opportunity on Saturday to attend AMI Stadium to be the flag barriers and form a guard of honour for the Canterbury Women's team in their Semi-final. 
They also played a game between the women's and men's Semi-final against another school. 

Athletics Preparation

Year 5-8 Athletics is fast approaching. Mr J has dug the new long jump pits. Mr Ron and Mr Keith are sorting the sand for them.

Hope you are ready. 
Practices will be during week 1 and week 2. 

The KNS event on Thursday 26th of October (week 2). 
Pegasus Athletics Champs is on the 2nd November. 

Year 1-4 Athletics is in week 8 on Friday (8/12).

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Lunchtime Football

Lunchtime Football

We have been lucky enough to have two seniors from school come to work with Akeake students on Thursday lunchtimes and teach us some new football skills. We have practiced dribbling, passing, and shooting. Many thanks to Georgia and Luca!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017



On the 1st of August Kaiapoi North's 'A Teams' competed in the North Canterbury Winter Sports competition. 

All of our teams competed well and did the School Proud Well done to the Year 5/6 Netball, Rugby and Football Teams for winning their Zone. 


Year 7/8
Netball: 2nd
Football: 3rd
Rugby: 4th 
Hockey: 2nd

Year 5/6
Netball: 1st
Football: 1st
Rugby: 1st
Hockey: 3rd

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kaiapoi North School Cross Country

Well done to those that competed in the KNS Cross Country on Tuesday... We had a great day and saw some fantastic times in our races.


Year 3 Boys:

1st: Tim Gilmore

2nd: Trey Howlett

3rd: Will Freidauer

Year 3 Girls:

1st: Aisha Shaw

2nd: Emma Sincock

3rd: Matilda Sleeman

Year 4 Boys:

1st: Kaiden Fettes

2nd: Jonty McAllister

3rd: Cooper Holland

Year 4 Girls:

1st: Samantha Sharp

2nd: Bridie Herriot

3rd: Layla Friedauer

Year 5 Boys:

1st: Milan Newton

2nd: Seth Green

3rd: Kasper Marson

Year 5 Girls:

1st: Aaliyah Simpson

2nd: Maddie Gascoyne

3rd: Shiloh Jenkins

Year 6 Boys:

1st: Kayden Wilson

2nd: Kaylee Moffat

3rd: Benjamin Gilmore

Year 6 Girls:

1st: Aliyah Newton

2nd: Kaylee Moffat

3rd: Ella van Meer

Year 7 Boys:

1st: Dylan Fern

2nd: Luca Marson

3rd: Max Miller

Year 7 Girls:

1st: Amber Brownlee

2nd: Breanna Miller

3rd: Taylah Frampton

Year 8 Boys:

1st: Lachlan Watson

2nd: Ashton Walls

3rd: Fletcher Johnson

Year 8 Girls:

1st: Hikaru Takao

2nd: Shannon Butt

3rd: Mikayla Blackler

Thursday, 23 March 2017

North Canterbury Swimming Championship


It was an outstanding effort from the 7 athletes who attended the North Canterbury Swimming Champs on Thursday 23rd March. Six of these swimmers will now attend the Canterbury Swimming Champs on April 6th. This has been our biggest team of athletes to attend the Canterbury Swimming events ever. Awesome effort by all the students!

Results are as following:
Hikaru Takao
  • 3rd Open Girls Butterfly
  • 3rd 12yr Girls Breaststroke
  • 5th 12yr Girls Breaststroke
Saki Takao
  • 1st 11yr Girls Breaststroke
  • 4th 11yr Girls Breaststroke
Jacob Adcock
  • 2nd 10yr Boys Breaststroke
  • 2nd 10yr Boys Freestyle
  • 6th Open Boys Butterfly
Estelle Harriott
  • 2nd 10yr Girls Backstroke
  • 6th 10yr Girls Freestyle
Dylan Fern
  • 2nd 11yr Boys Backstroke
  • 2nd 11yr Boys Freestyle
Seth Green
  • 1st 10yr Boys Freestyle
  • 1st 10yr Boys Backstroke
Bryn Graham
  • 5th 12yr Boys Breaststroke. 

Year 5/6 Rugby Girls at AMI Stadium

The Kaiapoi North School Year 5/6 Girls Rugby Team had an awesome opportunity on Saturday to attend AMI Stadium to be the flag barriers and...