Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kaiapoi North School Cross Country

Well done to those that competed in the KNS Cross Country on Tuesday... We had a great day and saw some fantastic times in our races.


Year 3 Boys:

1st: Tim Gilmore

2nd: Trey Howlett

3rd: Will Freidauer

Year 3 Girls:

1st: Aisha Shaw

2nd: Emma Sincock

3rd: Matilda Sleeman

Year 4 Boys:

1st: Kaiden Fettes

2nd: Jonty McAllister

3rd: Cooper Holland

Year 4 Girls:

1st: Samantha Sharp

2nd: Bridie Herriot

3rd: Layla Friedauer

Year 5 Boys:

1st: Milan Newton

2nd: Seth Green

3rd: Kasper Marson

Year 5 Girls:

1st: Aaliyah Simpson

2nd: Maddie Gascoyne

3rd: Shiloh Jenkins

Year 6 Boys:

1st: Kayden Wilson

2nd: Kaylee Moffat

3rd: Benjamin Gilmore

Year 6 Girls:

1st: Aliyah Newton

2nd: Kaylee Moffat

3rd: Ella van Meer

Year 7 Boys:

1st: Dylan Fern

2nd: Luca Marson

3rd: Max Miller

Year 7 Girls:

1st: Amber Brownlee

2nd: Breanna Miller

3rd: Taylah Frampton

Year 8 Boys:

1st: Lachlan Watson

2nd: Ashton Walls

3rd: Fletcher Johnson

Year 8 Girls:

1st: Hikaru Takao

2nd: Shannon Butt

3rd: Mikayla Blackler

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